Home is Wherever I’m with You (I’m Talking about Me)


It’s been more than two years since I posted anything on here I decided it was time to resurrect the blog. So many new things in my life: I have a lovely dog named Basil, I’m married to lovely man named Ben, I have a shop, I make jewelry, I live in a new place, go to a new church, have new friends, etc. I also know so many more babies than I did before. I still hate exercising and getting up early. I watch way more tv (hello 2-year-free-HBO-glitch).

I also pretty much split time between my Duluth house/life and my Lakemont shop/job. Some people find this excruciatingly difficult to understand and, I’ll admit, it is hard sometimes. But it’s also pretty normal and what works right now. I’m learning how to live today for today no matter where I am. My home is not the apartment where most of my belongings are or the shop that I work so hard to make happen. My home is that I get to do things that I love, my home is that there are so many people I feel privileged to know, my home is wherever I’m with you, my home is wherever I get to be proud of being me. My home is meeting new people and making dinner for the ones I already know.

It’s like living in a gap with your feet on two sides of something.
from Mary Oliver

I feel so much love and support from people all around us. Stepping in to something new that wasn’t there before is scary and lonely sometimes. I’ve found that there are people who get left behind because they aren’t willing to make that step alongside you… and that’s ok.

I love the life I’m living and feel blessed on every level. Thanks for being there with me. Hello? Goodbye!


One thought on “Home is Wherever I’m with You (I’m Talking about Me)

  1. You are such a lovely young lady Maddie. We are all blessed by you sharing your life and talents here with us in our beloved Lakemont.

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